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75 Minute Reflexology Treatments In Central London

When you visit us you will receive a Reflexology Experience. When you enter “The Space” you will have a treatment with a fully qualified ITEC or ABC Level 3 Reflexology graduate (with at least 1 years experience). The Reflexologist will greet you and take a case history including your life-style factors. You will then go into the Healing Space in a group and be treated in silence in a harmonious relaxing atmosphere with a luminous ceiling snuggled in a blanket with pillows supporting head and feet.


reflexology spaceThe reflexologist will give you a Medical Reflexology session where they will use an alternating pressure technique to stimulate sensitive points all over your feet. After the session you will be given water and asked for some feed-back about the session as well as be given after-care advise to help you benefit from Reflexology.

You will leave after 75 minutes of de-stressing from the things that affect us physically and emotionally and sometimes spiritually. Reflexology will improve your health holistically, by re-balancing the Mind & Body by improving Blood Circulation, stimulating Nerve Conduction and reducing and eliminating toxins via the Lymphatic System.

FootMapWe invite you to be part of our community and read some blogs and watch some of our Vlogs. You will also have a chance to get your hands on free tickets to expose such as Mind Body Soul Show and the world famous Yoga Experience at Olympia in London. We also run competitions seeking blog writers to be featured on our website. And of course, you will receive our very first Issue of The Reflexologist, our on-line magazine 
The Reflexology Space is about Community Healing’ and so we please ask you to embrace our Terms and Conditions, to ensure that everyone who takes part in the healing process is respected and equally enjoys the benefits of the experience
This is why we are punctilios about time-keeping


You must be on-time and we do not accept any messages if you are running late
If you are late or do not show up for your appointment, you will lose the session


If you wish to see one of our Senior Therapists/Tutors for a Private Consultation. please visit


For information on our one-day-courses please visit the website for some interesting titles

You are sure to walk out floating to your next port-of-call and feeling healthy. Make an appointment and come visit us; it is our job to help you feel better through the Healing Art of Reflexology


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