Make a Booking

How to make a booking (PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING)

1. Look through the list of appointments below and find one that is suitable for you
2. Click on the appointment you want (The Blue Coloured links)
3. You will then see a booking page, enter your details here, the coupon code box enter voucher code
4. You should see 100% off if you voucher is valid, if not contact us
5. Click the send booking button (you may have to click this twice)
6. If your booking has gone though, you will see a “Booking Successful” message
7. You will receive a confirmation text and/or a email confirmation
8. If you do not get a confirmation within 15 mins please contact us

All availability is on the website, please do NOT contact us to ask for specific appointments as our system in automated and online only

  • All support request are via the website only, if you phone you will be redirected to the website

    We do have evening and weekend appointments, but these are taken very quickly

    All treatments made using multiple booking vouchers must be booked before the voucher expires

Please allow 24 hours for voucher to become active after purchase