Reflexology and Back Pain Relief

By | May 19, 2013

Reflexology & Back PainBack pain is one of the most common health problems. Reflexology is one of the natural pain relief methods that can provide a solution to treating or relieving back pain. The first step to treating back pain with reflexology is to identify the area of the foot that corresponds to the spine. Just by stimulating the area that corresponds to the spine on the foot back pain can be greatly relieved.

A client had strained her back while skiing, then slipped down the last few stairs on her stair case. Her back was so painful the osteopath couldn’t work on it. Due to the fact that she was already tensing up her back from the original strain, after the fall her muscles seemed to be in a constant state of tautness, and she now was so stressed and frustrated by the pain and immobility she was getting tension headaches.
I managed to release the tension and enable her to relax by working on the reflex points on her feet. By being able to relax enough to stop tensing those torn muscles enabled her to heal more efficiently and the osteopath was then able to work on her at an earlier date than originally he thought possible. In conjunction her headaches were also relieved. The muscles still had to have time to mend, but reflexology enabled her to feel more relaxed and effectively deal with the pain so allowing the body to start the process of healing and put her in a more positive state of well being.
Back pain can be due to kidney or uterine problems, often occurring for women who are menstruating. Reflexology can help alleviate this pain, and can produce a warm feeling in the area of discomfort. Reflexologist can often detect if your fluid intake could be part of the problem.
Reflexology can relieve back pain in the lumbar spine – which is often caused by sitting in an uncomfortable chair, poor posture or working at a computer for long hours. By just looking at your posture a good therapist can see which reflex points need to be stimulated to help your discomfort and advise you on how to help yourself.

Most back pain will resolve itself within a few weeks, but the pain becomes ‘chronic’ when it has lasted for more than three months. At this point, you should visit your GP if you haven’t already been advised to do so. Reflexology can work in conjunction wit traditional medicine and is often recommended by the NHS.
Reflexology cannot cure your back pain but it can relieve it by:
• Increasing circulation and improving the blood supply to your muscles, helping them to relax and heal;
• Reducing inflammation throughout the body aby draining toxins
• Stimulating the balance of your body’s nerves and pain receptors
• Balancing your hormones and the release of endorphins
• Stimulating specific reflexes in the body such as the spine, sciatic nerve, knees and hips
• Encouraging relaxation of the body and mind.

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